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Welcome to the herpVet website

HerpVet is dedicated to supplying the quality, caring, up to date medicine your reptile and amphibians require (this service extends to wildlife as well). On this site, you will find a growing library of care sheets for different herp species, interesting case studies, links to other herp related sites and information including some of important work being done in the area of reptile and amphibian conservation. Take some time to explore the site and check back regularly to find new items that will be added periodically .

From all of us at herpVet, we look forward to working with you to ensure your herps live long and healthy lives.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy.


Check out our library of care sheets. Browse online or download and print a copy from the PDF link supplied.


Click here to view a wide range of cases presented to the clinic involving a variety of herptile species.


Websites, blogs, societies. Click here to keep up to date on all things happening in herptile conservation efforts.

The word “herpetology” is from Greek: ἑρπετόν, herpeton, “creeping animal” and -λογία, -logia, “knowledge”



Dr Josh is an excellent reptile vet. He was recommended to me by a good friend & i’m so glad she recommended Dr Josh! He’s seen my feisty & flighty male bearded dragon turn into a very mellow & chilled out guy, he helped me with my unwell blue tongue & also met my baby blue tongue & new bearded dragon additions. I take all my reptiles to him & I also have my dogs under his care. I’m certainly glad I’ve found such a great & very knowledgable vet to take all my babies too 

Maddie Hassan

Josh The Herpvet has been absolutely amazing. Josh goes above and beyond what is expected of him in order to ensure the health of all his scaley clients. His knowledge of emerging research really puts him at the cutting edge of reptile vetinary in the world.

Darcy Lehmann

Josh is a great vet, he knows what he’s talking about and is very friendly, even my grumpy lizard seems to like him well enough  I would gladly recommend him to anyone

Elspeth Cope

“Dr Josh is excellent, best decision to take our pets to see him. Learnt so much more about our scaley pets to ensure they have the best care!”

Kim Dale

“Dr Josh is an extremely good vet very comprehensive and his passion shines through. Best vet I have been to, anyone seeking an honest and genuine vet speak to Dr Josh. He is a legend!”

Matt Burrows

“Josh offers super friendly, professional, helpful and sensible service and advice. I’ll certainly be coming back and happily and unreservedly recommend this practice to anyone.”

Renae Griffiths