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Care Sheets

As research into captive reptile and amphibian keeping progresses, the recommendations for their husbandry has evolved. Focus on diet, environmental conditions and enrichment, has lead to changes in many of the recommendation needed to keep these cryptic animals thriving in captivity. On this page, you will find a number of information and care sheets to assist in the captive care of herptiles. These sheets are meant to supply information on the main points of care for the species discussed. It is not possible to cover all aspects of captive husbandry on a single sheet and therefore it is recommended to do further research prior to acquiring any reptile or amphibian.

New sheets will be added periodically so check back regularly to update your library.

Disclaimer: As most medications have no formal registration for use in reptiles or amphibians, many of the recommendations are based on their use in other species. These are then extrapolated for reptiles through use of scientific principals, research, knowledge of other species or are generally accepted as a result based on the experience of experts in reptile medicine. All care is taken to ensure the appropriate recommendations are made. Where medications are used “off-label” the client and reader accepts all risk of adverse reactions and there is no liability on the manufacturer, the author or herpVet.


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