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Our Hospital

The herpVet Hospital is a purpose built facility with a dedicated  reptile and amphibian ward.  Included in the hospital are enclosures for both short and long term hospitalization, and an Isolation ward. Proper husbandry is essential for allowing reptiles and amphibians to heal while in hospital.  For this reason, the hospital has a separate heating and cooling system along with individual, thermostatically controlled enclosures to allow our patients to be kept at their preferred optimal temperature zones.  Appropriate artificial UVB lighting is also available and it is common practice to offer our patients, supervised, outdoor time for “sun therapy” (natures medicine).  In addition, we have a separate, intensive care unit  (ICU).  This unit allows us to deliver medication through nebulization, supply oxygen while controlling the temperature and humidity. These facilities ensure your herps have a safe, clean, stress free hospital stay.

Our Mission